THE HOLY freaking GRAIL baby!

NOW £333!

^^^ the newest most badass masterclass to come into the realms of our relationship

This masterclass is THE Preview of 2023… where the Ultimate EMPRESS Collection is coming!!! 😎

A one time masterclass which sets the stage for next year and invites you into a WHOLE 12 months of exclusive discounts & opportunities in the Ask Harriette Empire.

In this class you will learn to…

🏆 Summon All Your Desires – Because it was time for this yesterday! Your desires, ALL of them, are the non-negotiable 2023 demands of you…

🏆 Terrorise The Patriarchy – the power imbalance, corruption and greed of this should-be-fucking-crumbled-already paradigm is turning badass women into quiet little good girls. It’s time to get LOUD. We’re banishing the fear of saying the wrong thing and the fear of getting cancelled. Change isn’t created by following the rules.

🏆 Bite Your Bottom Lip – experience the greatest orgasm of your life that is LIVING your life without the things that shrink you. Learn to harness your power in a way that becomes impenetrable.

🏆 Put Men On Their Knees – and let the masculine honour the fuck out of the Divine Woman In Total Control of Herself that you are! Become a mystical, bewitching, powerful presence that balances the scales of masculine and feminine and watch your life become one of pleasure and ease.

🏆 Drink From The Ever Overflowing Cup – YOUR Holy Grail, the cauldron of infinite creativity that sits in your pelvis, just aching to show you what she’s capable of. You have a right and responsibility to abundance, and you are designed to receive! Discover how to fill yourself up to a point where you can endlessly flow into others without taking from yourself.

🏆 & Command Your EMPIRE! The 2023 Sequel is coming, the Queendom is upleveling!

You’ll receive access to all 5 parts of my most audacious masterclass yet PLUS a voucher for £88 with UNLIMITED uses throughout 2023 to use against ANYTHING your heart desires over and over and OVER again!

T&Cs: The masterclass content is included for The ONES, Paradigm, Infinity & Masterclass Pass holders BUT the limitless voucher is NOT included so please purchase the class if you wish to own a limitless voucher. Voucher can be used against all Ask Harriette offerings with a value of £111 or more throughout 2023. Only one voucher can be used per product purchased. Cannot be used against recurring subscription payments on a monthly basis but CAN be used for the first month as a “one usage per product” application. Can only be redeemed once against 1:1 packages.

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